Who I am

In the convulsive year 68 after attending the Baccalaureate in San Sebastián, I moved to Madrid to study Mathematics at the Complutense University. I do not last long there and after a short period at the School of Architecture I finally end at the insurgent Faculty of Political Science.

After an interesting incursion into the world of woodworking and wood, I enter the Marine Signal Corps, as a lighthouse keeper, where I remain for eight years making it compatible with the practice of journalism and illustration in the disappeared “Noticiero Universal” of Barcelona.

After taking unpaid leave as a civil servant, I turn to the world of Graphic Design. In the context of this activity, I take a European Master in Interactive Multimedia, at various Universities in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. I also become the illustrator of the covers of PC World, a computer magazine of great distribution in Spain, belonging to the publishing group “IDG COMMUNICATIONS”, the one with the greatest worldwide diffusion in the press specialized in new technologies.

That concern leads me again to co-found in Palma de Mallorca and lead IDC (Digital and Corporate Image) a company focused on the world of Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Web Design, Advertising, and Author Programming among others, where we developed numerous visual plans for different European Projects within the Force, Now, Adapt, Leonardo da Vinci and LIFE Programs.

In recent times, starting in 2006 I started to become interested in photography, exploring all the avenues as they present themselves: travel, portraits, beauty, architecture, landscapes, macro, nature, art, urban landscape and almost anything that I find in my way. On this website you can see a large sample.

Javier López